Essentials from Dollar Stores


I love shopping at dollar stores like Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only Stores! Since being on a budget (read my post about budgeting here) I try to squeeze pennies where I can. I’ve found certain items that are cheap, but don’t compromise quality and get the job done.

Shopping list for dollar stores

  1. Cotton – Q-tips, round cotton pads
  2. Glass – mason jars, glass mugs, vases, candle holders
  3. Paper – envelopes, bubble mailing envelopes, greeting cards, wrapping paper, index cards, paper plates
  4. Plastic – utensils, cups, food storage containers, zip lock bags, trash bags
  5. School/Art Supplies – multipack pens, highlighters, folders, poster board
  6. Toiletries – loofahs, liquid hand soap

If I were to buy all of these items at once from a dollar store it would amount to $23. Out of curiosity during my last Target run, I browsed the aisles to check the prices on these items. This list would cost $55! So frugal of me, I know, but I feel so pro when I leave a store and have more money to save!

Millennial Challenge

  • What items are you willing to buy from dollar stores?
  • How much would you save from those purchases?
  • Share with us your frugal shopping habits in the comments below!

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