10 Things I No Longer Spend Money On


After getting on a written budget I’ve managed to cut out unnecessary monthly expenditures.

10 Things I No Longer Spend Money On

1. Eyebrow threading ($7) – I tweeze them myself now.

2. Eyelash extensions ($30) – I once got these done for 8 months straight. After taking them off I felt like I had bald spots from the extensions falling out with my real lashes.

3. Manicures & pedicures ($39) – with the exception of special occasions I get my nails done, otherwise who really notices anyway?

4. Hair cuts & hair color ($60) – I now go less often and stick to manageable hair colors. My hair is naturally black so having blonde highlights never worked out because I’d have to go monthly to get the color fixed.

5. HBO Go ($15) – This account was primarily for Game of Thrones. When the last season comes back in 2019 I might add it to my budget to reactivate!

6. Netflix ($7.99) – There were hardly any shows I could get into so now I use my boyfriend’s account if there’s something we want to watch.

7. Apple Music ($9.99) – I’ve switched to soundcloud or podcasts if there’s something I want to listen to at the gym or in the car.

8. CorePower Yoga Membership ($99) – Having this AND a 24 Hour Fitness membership was overkill.

9. Fast fashion (~$20-25) – Sometimes on my days off I’d wander aimlessly through the mall, buying items that were in style at the moment, but really had no need for.

10. Sephora products (~$25) – no more buying the latest eye makeup palette or new lip color. I’m not that great at makeup anyway!

Remind yourself

How crazy that the majority of these items contributed to vanity. I reminded myself that one of my goals is to pay off student loan debt and not become America’s Next Top Model! Altogether approximately $317.98 was successfully chopped from my monthly budget and added to debt payoff.

Millennial Challenge

  • What kinds of unnecessary expenses do you have on your list?
  • How much will you save or debt will you pay off after cutting them out?

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