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“I don’t dance now, I make [career] moves!” Such is the advice from Cardi B‘s very famous song “Bodak Yellow.”

In January 2016 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average tenure in millennials age 25 to 34 was 2.4 years. The average tenure in the baby boomer generation ages 55 to 64 was 10.1 years, which is 3 times more than millennials! So why the big difference? This can mean different things for each millennial. I have overheard from older generations and do not support the explanation that millennials are lazy and have commitment issues.

I’m like many of you with the value of wanting to represent an employer that works toward a goal that I feel so strongly about. Finding your niche rarely happens on the first try. My average tenure with an employer is about 2 years! It’s not that I hated the jobs, I just didn’t see myself working there forever.

Put yourself out there

When I started out using Linkedin I had no idea what it’s purpose was. I typed in my work experience, certifications, volunteer experience, etc. It was basically my resume displayed on my profile. Seeing it up there made me think, yeah I did that! Little did I know the recruiters in my industry were looking at my profile. Some reached out to me and were very candid with the job description, hours, and pay.

Most of the time I wasn’t looking for a new job, but was only curious to see what was out there relating to my career. There was also the thought in my head, if you’re satisfied with your current job why are you still looking? I would thank the recruiter for considering me and let them know it’s not the job I’m looking for. There were a few who followed up to let me know of other openings that I may have been interested in.

The Universe is telling you something

In my previous jobs I’ve brought with me more experience, more strengths, and more purpose (you can read about how to find your purpose in my previous post here). Because of this I was able to envision the kind of future I wanted in a career. The only problem was that I had no idea exactly what it was. I was searching for answers. I’m an oncology nurse by background and I knew I didn’t want to do anything but oncology nursing. I also wanted to work for an organization whose values I can uphold.

After browsing through countless job postings I came upon a research position. I have a friend who was working in that position and inquired more about what the job entailed. She exclaimed, “you’d love it!” I thought about it, but was afraid to take the leap because I didn’t think I was qualified enough. A few days later a recruiter reached out to me through Linkedin. Coincidence much? I took it as a sign from the cosmos and went for it. I’m so glad I did!

I think it’s hard for us to made decisions about our career because we’re too scared to take chances and afraid of making the wrong decision. But there is no wrong decision! I went through different jobs not knowing if it’d be what I was looking for. Find what’s best for you.

Millennial Challenge

  • Is there a job in your industry you’re curious about? Reach out to your connections or start a Linkedin account and put yourself out there!

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